Genshin Impact X Reader Oneshots - Male Reader X Kaeya (2023)



When you fall from the sky and are hurt gravely, you are rescued by the captain of the calvary: Kaeya. What happens when deep injuries turn to deep memories, then into deep feelings?


Falling, you remember falling fast. You remember getting hurt but not who hurt you. You remember hitting the ground and all going black.

When you awoke, you found yourself in a bright white room, an infirmary. Your body ached and your head throbbed as you attempted to sit up. Multiple bandages had been wrapped around your chest, arms and your left leg. Looking to your left was a window that had been left open, the wind blew a gentle breeze and beyond was a quaint little town.

Before you could do much more, the front door to the infirmary opened, a young man with an exotic appearance waltzed into the room before closing the door behind Him, not taking notice of you. When he turned around his eye met with yours and the both of you froze. The only sound that filled the air was the livelihood of the town outside. The young man broke the silence first with a smirk. "Well hello sleeping beauty, you've been out for quite a long time".

"Where am i?" You questioned. You had no clue how you had gotten there much less who this man was. Considering how badly injured you were it was to no supirse that you'd be weary.

"Now Now, is that how you thank your savior?" He took long strides across the room and sat at the edge of your bed. "Now let me see your injuries~" he said playfully, reaching out to your bandages. He stopped however, his smirk dropping to a serious look, it was a silent way of asking permission.

You nodded, and he began to press lightly on your chest, testing to see how badly you would react to pressure on your injuries. Your face flushed slightly as he did so, though you not even his name, you had to admit that he had a striking appearance, strikingly handsome that is.

After putting pressure down on various places on your chest, he moved to your arm. Carefully holding it and examining it, from here you were very close to his face. His eye were cold like ice and the other was hidden away by an eye patch. His complexion was an immaculate and held a beautiful dark caramel color. Your already pink face began to turn slightly red at the proximity.

After glancing up for a moment to gauge your reactions, he noticed your expression and his lips tilted upwards. "Why such a red face darling? I didn't know you rolled that way". His smile grew as your face turned a darker red.

He leaned into your ear "luckily I roll both ways~". He whispered, his hot breathe forcing your heart to speed up.

Leaning back his expression turned to somthing more innocent. Before you could ask however, the door to the infirmary opened and a blonde woman came in. She had an air of authority another and carried herself with high regard.

"Kaeya, stop whatever your doing and come on-. OH, you're awake?" She addressed the man as Kaeya before her gaze fell to you.

"As you can see I was just checking up on our suspect". The man known as Kaeya spoke, his earlier flirtatious guise now no where yo be seen.

The woman stood before the door of your bed "My name Is Jean, I am known as the acting grand master of Mondstadt. It's a pleasure to meet you...?" She trailed off.

"Ah, (Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n)" You reached your hand out for a handshake and she kindly took it.

"This is Kaeya, Captian of the Calvary. I doubt he introduced himself before hand and I apologize for his imprudence". Kaeya simply smiled falsely then turned his head back to Jean.

"May I ask, where am- no wait sorry, how did I get here?" You realised from Jeans introduction you were in a city called Mondstandt. The next answer you needed was how you got there.

"Kaeya over here was on patrol about a week ago when he allegedly saw you fall from the sky. He the brought you back here. You were already injured as you are when you arrived" Jean explained as Kaeya moved from your bed side to a chair and leaned back in it.

"You're welcome by the way~" he said with sarcasm.

After Jean sent a glare his way, she turned back to you.

"We were wondering if you answer a few questions? With your arrival a few new problems have followed and we just wanted some clarification" she said.

After a lengthy explanation, some time recovering and at least a dozen missions past with Kaeya, the problems that Jean had mentioned were almost all solved. There was one thing however that bothered you.

After exploring with Kaeya for so long you began to grow attached to him. Once these issues had been cleared up he would return to Mondstadt and you would search for a way home. It wouldn't be easy how as his flirting has been slowly been affecting you more and more. His heart could never be your however, you knew this, an outsider to a world that you didn't belong in. That was who you were and it was time to accept that.

After a few weeks of searching and fighting, Kaeya invited you to his place. It was normal to talk there as at this point you had been there multiple times. Knocking on the door you could hear an "Be right there!" From inside just moments before he opened it.

"Well well, hello handsome,how have you been?" He started immediately with the flirting. You simply laughed and he let you inside.

"So why did you invite me over? New plan? New Info?" You shot off questions left and right.

Kaeya led you into his living room and had you sit down on his couch. He sat next to you, just looking at You, eyes half-lidded.

Your face began heating up as his gaze lingered. Turning away so you could avoid his eyes, you heard the sound fabric being untied.

Feeling a hand brush underneath your chin, he pulled your gaze to his. His eye patch was off and now you could see both of his eyes. There were sharp, like an ice Crystal, but hot like an unsatisfied oven.

Taking a leap, he took his eye patch and held it up to your lips, then quickly placed his lips on the fabric, kissing you from behind it.

A long moment passed before you ripped the eye patch out of his hand and forcibly placed your lips on His, tumbling him over and lying on top of him.

The kiss slowly got more sensual, growing hotter in intensity with each moment. Soft moans and growls came from both of you. Your tounge soon slipping past his lips and exploring his mouth as his tounge played with yours.

After a lengthy, hot, and pleasing experience, you both separated reluctantly.

"So will you stay in this world with me, love?" Kaeya spoke, his voice husky.

Your answer was clear as day when you dove in once more. But this was no round two.

You'd both be at it all night.

I tried to make him more canonical to the game. As his literal personality is a sadistic asshole, which I love even so.



Who is Kaeya shipped with? ›

Kaebedo is the slash ship between Kaeya Alberich and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Who is Kaeya's biological father? ›

Kaeya's Mysterious Past in Genshin Impact

Thus, Crepus Ragnvindr became his father, making him and Diluc siblings.

Does Kaeya have a crush on traveler? ›

Does Ayaka love Traveller? Ayaka does have some feelings towards the Traveler, and that has been quite evident in the game. However, it is emphasized that during the Prayer Plaques scene, the Traveler is only thinking about reuniting with their sibling which makes Ayaka believe that they are not meant to be together.

What race is Kaeya? ›

Viewing Genshin characters' profiles in other languages can often hold extra little bits of information about their characters. Kaeya is no different, with his Chinese profile giving a bit more insight into the personality of the Cavalry Captain.

Is Kaeya a flirt? ›

Kaeya is shown as flirtatious in the Genshin Impact Official Webtoon.

Does Kaeya have a love interest? ›

9 He is a Popular Marriage Prospect

Kaeya seems to have little to no interest in dating, let alone marriage, and it will likely stay that way.


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